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Are you adding Security to your products?

Finding a good cryptographer is difficult, and your customers and financial backers need to remain confident of your expertise. If the security of a product is found to be flawed, it can result in an expensive redesign and grave damage to your companies reputation.

STSI specializes in helping manufacturers add security to their products by providing a cost-effective way to address the many problems that can arise throughout the product life-cycle.

Where do you get a good cryptographer?

In today's competative job market, it is hard enough to find good engineers, let alone experienced cryptographers. Most companies cannot afford to pay six-figure salaries to employees with such limited utility. STSI provides cryptographic expertise on a contractual or retainer basis, reducing your overhead and increasing your ROI.

What kind of security do you need?

While the need for security is easily understood, determining what is appropriate is not. Different products require different architectures, and face different market expectations. STSI understands the technology, the standards, and the marketplace, and can help you position your product accordingly.

How do you design an algorithm?

Designing an algorithm is difficult and fraught with risks. Even when standard algorithms are used, the key management architecture must still be designed. If either are vulnerable the results can be disastrous. STSI provides professional expertise with the design and evaluation of both algorithms and key management systems, and can help your company get it right the first time.

How do you implement it correctly?

Many vulnerabilities are introduced to otherwise-secure algorithms by improper implementation and a lack of communication between the designers and the programmers. STSI is trained to identify and correct such problems ahead of time.

How does it fit in with the rest of your product line?

Nothing is more frustrating to customers than buying multiple products from a single manufacturer that do not work together. For interoperability in secure modes, it is not enough to simply use the same encryption algorithm. The algorithms must be implemented within appropriately designed protocols, with compatible key management schemes, and in accordance with any product specification standards. STSI has the cross-product expertise to assure this. STSI can also survey your product line to identify any gaps in coverage and recommend new product enhancements.

Where is your Cryptographer when you need him?

Every day there are press announcements involving breakthroughs in cryptography or new laws or regulations governing its use. Does it effect your product? How do you respond? In a retainer relationship, an STSI associate will keep you apprised of any new security developments, providing the explanation necessary for you to understand and respond intelligently to any inquiries. The associate will also be available to meet with your customers, and provide guidance on your own internal security needs.

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