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STSI Services

STSI performs information security consulting, providing dedicated part-time support. Working on either a short-term or retainer basis, we provide the engineering expertise you need, when you need it, minimizing your overhead and increasing your ROI. The services we provide include design R&D, on-call expertise, procurement, and export licensing support.

STSI has extensive experience with the entire spectrum of secure telecommunications products, including
military communications,
cellular, radio, and wireless LAN's,
satellite and cable television,
VPN's and network security,
biometrics and steganography,
chips, API's, and toolkits, and
certificates and public key infrastructure.
Combining extensive industry knowledge with technical expertise, STSI is uniquely capable of providing full support to all of your security initiatives.

Cryptographic Design and Evaluation

Specialized Scientific Research

On-Call Technical Expertise

Procurement and Installation Support

Regulatory Support

Cryptographic Design and Evaluation

STSI's core service is the design and analysis of encryption solutions for manufacturers. We offer expertise with
stream ciphers, codebooks, and analog scrambling,
public key cryptography including DH, RSA and EC,
PKI, key management, and conditional access architectures, and
open security standards.
STSI's expertise also extends to cryptanalytical techniques including statistical analysis and differential and linear cryptanalysis.

On-Call Cryptographic Expertise

On a retainer basis, STSI can provide your company with on-call cryptographic expertise. An STSI associate will maintain expert knowledge of your products, keep you apprised of new developments, and provide information security guidance for your own internal needs.

Specialized Scientific Research

STSI also provides specialized scientific research in other areas of staff expertise, including Fourier analysis, signal processing, mathematical genetics, and emerging technologies.

Procurement and Installation

With its extensive telecommunications experience, STSI can help define your secure communications requirements. STSI can also procure and ship your order, and provide installation and training support.

Regulatory Support

STSI offers expertise with regulatory and standards compliance.

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